Shooting for the moon…

Over the next few months I aim to transition from being a full-time physical therapist and part-time photographer/blogger into being a full-time traveling photographer/blogger and maybe part-time physical therapist (if I have to..please help me put PT in my past). This is a little sooner than planned.

The way I figure, life can be short and I am much happier taking pictures than treating patient’s. My work contract will be finished at the end of February and I will be heading back towards Florida. So now is the time to go for it. I have one month to get this blog and my photography website ( really off the ground. And then I will take a month or two to get back to Florida. I hope that by the time I get there, this site will be everything that I want it to be!!

So a couple of things need to happen to reach this goal and I can’t do them alone:

#1. I need your help to make my blog go viral. Please share links to my blog and photography site with your friends on social media sites, through email and any other way that you can think of.

#2. I have to get busy posting, so that you want to tell all of your friends to tune in.

There’s been some sunshine around in the last couple of weeks and I have been busy exploring Whidbey Island šŸ™‚

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