SmallTownReview is currently on San Juan Island in Washington State…

Hi All,

I admit it!! I’ve been slacking!  Now it is time to get back on track.

I am on San Juan Island in Washington!

Lime Kiln Lighthouse San Juan, WA

Lime Kiln Lighthouse San Juan, WA


Someday I hope that means something.  I hope that when business owners hear that SMALLTOWNREVIEW.COM  is in town, that their ears will perk up and they will be on their best behavior!

With that said, business owners and customer service staff should always be on their toes and provide the best service possible!  TripAdvisor and many other sites, have become a major source of business reviews and allow for ANY  of your customers to easily leave a review at any time!

And I, SMALLTOWNREVIEW.COM, might not give notice that I am coming…I’VE BEEN HERE 3 MONTHS ALREADY ;).

I am ready to let the public know how I have been received..and in general it has been less than stellar!!